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Group of people laughing together

Meet our People

Our people are essential to our success. We focus on building their capabilities, and aim to support and empower them to be the best they can be.

In this section you can find out what life at GSK is really like. Here is a list of the top reasons as described by our employees:

Portrait of Daniel Chow
Daniel Chow – Territory Associate, Vaccines Sales; GSK Canada Pharma

“Health & safety has always been a top priority for GSK and it has been made even more evident during the uncertain times caused by the pandemic. Thanks to frequent touch points and virtual hangouts, I never felt isolated and knew GSK truly cared for my well-being.”

Portrait of Amanda Styles
Amanda Styles – Product Manager, Vaccines; GSK Canada Pharma

“The best part about working at GSK in Canada is the caliber of people on my team. I feel very lucky to work alongside people who inspire me to continually grow my skill set and take on increasingly challenging projects and roles.”

Portrait of Kimberlee Haines
Kimberlee Haines – Therapeutic Specialist, Oncology; GSK Canada Pharma

“I believe we have the opportunity to support frontline workers who change the lives of patients every day – that could be your friend, your family, or even yourself. We’re able to support them on this journey to help improve people’s lives.”

Portrait of Reena Ladak
Reena Ladak – Scientific Advisor, (Medical Affairs) Vaccines; GSK Canada Pharma

“What I love most about working at GSK in Canada is that patient focus is at the forefront of everything that we do. We work together with the common goal of improving the lives of patients. I find this extremely motivating and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey.”

Portrait of Saba Ladha
Saba Ladha – Finance Business Partner, Oncology; GSK Canada Pharma

“The culture at GSK is unique and that of a modern employer. As employees, we are given both the tools and the flexibility to do our jobs in a way that works for us and it is that flexibility that allows us to bring our true selves to work. GSK in Canada is a place where every employee is respected and valued, and I am proud to work at a place with such a great culture!”

Portrait of Celine Aubin
Céline Aubin – Manager, External Affairs and Partnerships; ViiV Healthcare Canada

“I’m proud to work for a company that focuses on patients’ well-being and acts accordingly. When there is a difficult decision to make, we always ask ourselves 'What is the best decision for patients?' and it all becomes clear. Integrity, respect, transparency, and trust. I have been working for ViiV Healthcare and GSK for the last 10 years and these values are acted on every single day.”

Portrait of Claude Binette
Claude Binette – Warehouse Operator, Quality and Supply Chain; GSK Consumer Healthcare Canada

“I started working for GSK when I was 19, and I never left. I recently celebrated my 44th work anniversary and I am still as happy to be a part of this organization as when I started.”